Shipping & Returns

Shipping policy:
1.Normally, goods are to be sent within 24-48 hours as soon as a paid order is made.
2.All goods set out from China.
3.Two channels of delivery for you to select :the first one without charge—EMS(equal to USPS in USA, 5-7days are required to reach. While,for the charged one—rush delivery, the extra 30 dollars save you 2-3days if you are urgent in need of the goods.
4.Countries that take the privilege of free freight fare: USA ,UK ,France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,Mexico, Switzerland,Belgium,Ireland,Denmark,Japan,Portugal, Norway,Greece, Singapore and Vietnam. Then, 30dollars are needed as delivery fare if consumers are from following countries: Holland, Iraq, Russia, Poland and Iran.10 dollars for Brazil and 50 dollars for Guadeloupe.
5.When the goods arrive, an adult who is at least 18 years old is necessary to sign in. If not, the wares will go back to the local office. In that case, one has to consult the office.